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  • Designing and Stimulating - Commercial Catering Design, Build, Supply and Installation’s Everything from the initial design, we have been at the forefront of commercial kitchen project management, build, procurement and installation since ____. We have great heritage in working on a vast variety of design projects for the commercial sector, from the hospitality, care industry through to schools and colleges. Our successful installations enable us to offer expertise in creating a catering work space that really works. We specialise in refurbishment too, our turnkey solution provides everything you need from a world class commercial catering installation company.

    The Turnkey Solution

    Traditionally our clients used an architect to design the layout and that design was then passed over to an installation team to build and a catering equipment company would then fit the equipment.

    Historically this causes several problems because if the design does not work then the build or installation cannot happen and even if the measurements are out by a few millimetres the oven, for example, will not fit!

    At TKC we have our own design, build and installation teams that work together seamlessly to create a catering facility that works. We know if the design is flawed the installation team or the build team cannot complete the project. Because we own the whole project we make sure at every stage it works and is the best fit for our clients.

    There are several advantages to deal in with one company rather than several contractors

    Total Responsibility: If it does not work as planned; just you have only one company to deal in with
    Cost Benefit: can be saved by using TKC in every stage – (Best Brands under one roof)
    Time Saved: You only have to deal with one coordinator that offers every aspect of the design and build

    We have undertaken several large projects that included everything from the initial design using our own very experienced design experts to the build, fit out and installation including several prestigious installations.

    Much of our work is for much smaller concerns. For example a small restaurant that needs advice on people flow, the right equipment and a complete refit are an ideal client.

    Talk to us about your catering installation requirement. We would be happy to provide a free initial consultation at our offices or at your place of work.

    We combine functionality, practicality and aesthetics for our commercial kitchen design and consultancy. From efficient food service to state of the art facilities.

    Equipment Supply

    Our close association with all the leading manufacturers and our expertise will ensure you get the right catering equipment at the Optimal price.

    Commercial Kitchen, catering and Restaurant equipment. Your restaurant, kitchen, cafe or bar will require a range of catering equipment to keep you going.

    We supply a wide range of catering equipment, using only tried and tested suppliers, who can demonstrate a high level of service and quality products. We make sure all catering equipment supplied is competitively priced, however we will not compromise in terms of efficiency and reliability when it comes to providing you with equipment that needs to perform. TKC will ensure that everything we supply is as a minimum:

    Why Choose TKC to Supply Your Commercial Kitchen?

    • Fit for purpose

    • Correctly specified

    • Good quality

    • Competitively priced

    • Keeps service calls and replacement kit to a minimum

    • Equipment with as long a warranty period as possible

    • Tried and tested manufacturers

    Let TKC save Your Time and Money

    When sourcing your commercial kitchen equipment, we always take sustainability and efficiency into account. Not only will your new equipment be more efficient, but our installation teams are able to fit and upgrade power and electrical systems. The result is a catering facility which is safe, reliable, and uses less energy. This means lasting savings on your bills.

    We will also ensure you have the right health and safety features installed to meet all current regulations. That will protect your staff, customers, and your facilities, if something happens. our ongoing equipment repair and maintenance services will give you complete peace of mind

    With more than __ years of experience working from initial design to full-operational kitchens, we can accommodate any type of catering service. From military installations, public services and Government buildings to restaurants and hospitality businesses, TKC will take complete care of the smallest details when it comes to your kitchen equipment.

    Build & Fit-out

    Our construction division can work on standalone building contracts, or as part of our commercial catering projects to maintain the high quality you expect.

    Project Managment

    With the right equipment at the right cost, our fabrication, design and installation teams work in collaboration with tight project management to create your new restaurant, kitchen or retail catering outlet

    Providing you with perfect design for your commercial kitchen, restaurant, Bakery or cafe.

    The perfect commercial kitchen, bar or restaurant design is imperative for creating a successful safe, efficient and profitable consumables business. At TKC we pride ourselves on our talent to deliver the most suitable design for your requirements.

    We make the whole process from design to installation as simple as possible, ensuring you have a dedicated TKC designer to provide you with the perfect design specification. our designer and planner will work with you throughout the project and we have in-house expertise on hand to help create the perfect environment for whatever look and feel you are trying to achieve. Tying in multiple aspects of a café or restaurant can be a tricky process and can have a serious effect on the overall appearance, feel and sometimes the success of a design.

    Using the latest software, our project manager will provide you with 3D visuals of initial concept designs and layout, created by our in-house design team. The concept designs allow you to ‘step in’ to your project and feedback any alterations before a single penny has been spent. 3D visuals can be priceless in communicating a concept but more importantly bring it to life.

    When considering your kitchen design requirements the key areas to consider are:

    Budget: The key to any successful project! By providing an accurate and defined budget our kitchen design team can assess what will and won’t work for your desired design. By having the budget agreed and signed off at the start of the project it will help to bring the project in on time.

    Available Space: In areas with limited space, we will look at the best use of the working area to ensure you don’t have any wasted space.

    Food Service: It is important to understand the use of the food service area, considering numbers being served and service style i.e self service / cafe style service / plated service and menu options.

    Other considerations:

    • Health and safety regulations.
    • Equipment specification.
    • Available power supplies.